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Top Kenyan EPs and LPs 2023 – Part 1

1. Quy – Introverted

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Quy (pronounced as Ki) is a Kenyan Hip-hop/R&B – rapper, singer, songwriter, mixing engineer and editor –  recording and performing artist from Buruburu Nairobi with the best of hard hitting bars and soulful vibes. His laid back style is unique and his structure of music is unique and fits the description of multi-talented. “Introverted” is a 7 track project that showcases the prowess and ability of Quy as an artist. Quy is worth listening to in 2023.

Track List

  1. Boy wa Nai
  2. Tiptoe
  3. No time for that feat Pap$
  4. Impromptu
  5. Wazi feat Mkuu, E-fxce
  6. Mizinga feat We$$ Dior, Swish
  7. Goodbye

2. Palmer 1 – Hood Famous EP

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Palmer1 is an artist Under London Boyz group – which is a family of artists around the area code 125 Rongai, London Block. Together or individually they produce and regulate music as a team. The main aim of their music is to ensure that you are entertained as they make music from their lifestyle. Like their name they have the ability to hold and contain quality pieces of art as well as immersive perspectives from their craft. “Hood famous” is Palmer 1 debut EP and it launches him as a solo artist away from London Boyz. The Ep had 4 tracks.

Track List

  1. Peace
  2. Forget feat Tulia
  3. Chess
  4. Bipolar

3.  Wanja Wohoro – Dawa

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Wanja Wohoro is a songwriter, guitarist, performer, painter and writer from Nairobi Kenya with Australian traces. Her music and artistic style is based on storytelling. Her versatility is her key strength and to many this has been her reason to the success she has achieved – performances across the world and high numbers of streams of her projects across all streaming platforms. In February 2023 she released her follow up EP, ‘dawa’, a five track return to her indie, folk roots. Wanja Wohoro should definitely be on your playlist for the year 2023.

Track List

  1. Persist
  2. Work of Art
  3. Small acts of recklessness
  4. Dawa feat Junior Nyong’o
  5. Rain Machine


4. 2LU 43VA – Planet C-43

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2LU 43VA is a Kenyan artist, rapper, producer, guitarist and singer from Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya. He started of as a producer under Yaki Sun (which is a musical collective consisting of artists based along Waiyaki Way, Nairobi), this established him in the game as a producer. He is one half of the creative duo 2+K and together they collaborate on production, music and visual projects. As a solo artist he has several projects including one album (CAND33LAND Part 1: Sweet & Sour) and an EP (Planet C-43). He is due to release more projects within the CAND33LAND series. 2LU 43VA is worthy looking into in 2023.

Track List

  1. Such is life
  2. Fast Track
  3. Brikicho feat Hectic
  4. Enjoyment Tax feat Vijana BaruBaru
  5. 43Va a nice feeling feat Eddy Kinuthia
  6. All i need feat Tuku Kantu
  7. Everything feat Eddy Kinuthia, Mshairi Spikes
  8. On the other side


5. Exray Taniua – Gengetone Love Ep

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Born Tony Kinyanjui (popularly known as Exray Taniua) in Githurai Nairobi , he is a Kenyan singer, songwriter and rapper. His musical journey began as a gospel artist doing shows and singing in the church choir. Over time he realizing that gospel didn’t pay and there was a lot of hypocrisy and the realities were harsh. Exray went on to try hip hop, reggae, trap and eventually gengetone. Exray gained mainstream recognition as the lead member of the iconic group Boondocks gang and together they went on shake the music airwaves with massive songs. In late 2020, Exray branched off to pursue his solo career which so far he is amongst the top Kenyan artists. Over the period of time Exray has continued to release singles and in 2021 Exray released his debut album titled “Moment Vol 1” which received a warm reception by fans. On February 10, 2023 Exray released an EP entitled “Gengetone Love” which has 6 tracks. If you Exray’s fun definitely there is more projects from him this year.

Track List

  1. Mapedi
  2. Tuvybe feat Gazla
  3. Cinderella feat Masuti, Daddy Andre
  4. Kifeeling
  5. Mgenge feat Machali watundu
  6. Ngeus’ wa sherehe feat SWAT matire, seska

6. Aamani – Aamani Ep

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Aamani is a Kenyan Rnb artist whose voice is her biggest musical weapon. To many her soothing, lovely and vocals hitting voice is one of a kind. Her music is a clear and true reflection of different times and stages of life, issues she had  growing up and just the general environment. Her debut self tiled Ep “Aamani” is a just a random mixed EP and according to her its like releasing something that will go with different moods. The Ep has 5 amazing tracks and if you are an hip hop and Rnb fun then Aamani wont disappoint.

Track List

  1. Superstar
  2. Take your soul feat RI
  3. Underwater
  4. Mama m.i.a
  5. All mine

7. Spinx mafia – Flowers Ep

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Spinx Mafia is a true definition of versatility when it comes to hip hop. His agility to rap over slow laid back hip hop beats, fast energetic beats, drill beats and even just average beats shows you how talented he is. The ability of Spinx Mafia to use English, Swahili and sheng makes his music relatable with a big fanbase as his lyrics are catchy and reflects the happenings of life. “Flowers Ep” is evident enough to support the versatility of Spinx Mafia. The 11 explosive tracks Ep is mainly a solo project with only one feature (Big Yasa) amd it  was released on 18th February 2023.

Track List

  1. Come through
  2. One dance
  3. Metres
  4. Step by step
  5. Heavy duty
  6. First sight feat Big Yasa
  7. Paramedics
  8. Interest
  9. Chest Pains
  10. Queen of sheeba
  11. Mimi na wewe

8. Eddy Gaccu – Doba kwa toja LP

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Eddy Gaccu brings back something almost forgotten in the Kenyan hip hop industry, many are used to drill, traditional hip hop but Eddy Gaccu reminds us of trap. This sub genre of hip hop came and vanished but Eddy Gaccu is able to blend it with other sub genre of hip hop and for this it makes him stand out. His deliveries, rhymes, lyrics and videos makes him one to look up for in 2023. In 2023 February he kickstarted the year by dropping “Doba Kwa Toja Lp”. The project is a 9 tracks  blend of all sub genres of hip hop music with Trap leading the way. His lyrical flow without a doubt proves that Eddy Gaccu is destined to be the top hip hop artist not only in Kenya but the world at large.

Track List

  1. Wahuni
  2. Robin Banks
  3. Lighthouse freestyle
  4. Paper Boi
  5. Trap Yard
  6. Playa
  7. Uptown
  8. Straped
  9. Trap star

9. Depo Dice – Choma

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Depo Dice is the real definition of school of hard knocks graduate, his passion, his flow, his bars, his style and all his songs represents a true hip hop legend in the making – he is a rapper and songwriter. Signed under Budhouse Music, Depo Dice is also the founder of Street Wave 47 which is a platform that supports Kenyan music and musicians. Depo Dice once said, “I started rapping for fans, now I’m rapping for fun. I hope you enjoy my music”, and indeed if u have listened to him you can bare witness that this is true. “Choma Ep” is his latest project which is a 5 track Ep. After listening to the project its safe to say that Depo Dice is one artist to look for in 2023.

Track List

  1. Choma
  2. Alarm
  3. Cash Crop feat Tulia Ke
  4. Why
  5. Heaven

10. Tulia and Tunji – TNT

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Tulia being her birth given name and tracing her roots in the coastal areas of Kenya (Taita), she is not just a rapper and songwriter but she is a master of punchlines, solid and definite flow, beautiful voice and unique delivery of rhymes and lyrics hence the nickname Tiny Beast. Music was always part of Tulia’s life since childhood and she knew that rapping is the way to go as Nicki Minaj was her inspiration. Against all odds Tulia has been able to drop singles, Albums, Eps and collaborations which have gained big success across all streaming platforms. Tulia has been nominated on several awards in Kenya and she has also headlined different shows as a result of her music. TNT is her latest project (5 track collaborative Ep) which she featured the pioneer of Kenyan hip hop Tunji. The project showcases immense growth of Tulia in the game and her deliveries on this project are just on fire. Tulia is worth looking for in 2023 because she got much in store for her fans.

Track List

  1. Whoa…..Yeah
  2. sO hiGH
  4. Company
  5. Kazi


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