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Top Kenyan Albums of 2023 – Part 1

1. King Kaka – 2nd Life

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This is King Kaka’s sixth studio album. In this album, King Kaka surprised many as the whole album was set in a different tone, structure and message. To many King Kaka is known for his hard rhymes, rough and edgy lyricism but instead in “2nd Life” he was more reflective on life, narrating how God saved him from a life threatening illness. The Album has 17 tracks and it features different artists across different genres, styles and generation. As a fan of King Kaka and someone who has been following his life since his debut in the Kenyan rap scene, this album will be worth your time.

Track list

  1. Asante feat Kidum
  2. Mapenzi Yako feat Aplha mwana
  3. Explain
  4. Wajionee feat Iyanii
  5. Umenibariki feat Goodluck Gozbert
  6. Atanishindia feat Watendawili
  7. Worry Not feat Alyn Sano & K1vumbi
  8. Nakimbilia Kwako feat Solomon Mkubwa
  9. Praise You feat Walter Chilambo
  10. Mwana Mpotevu feat Anasttacia Muema
  11. Bless my way feat Femi One
  12. Mungu Baba feat Kanambo Dede
  13. Manifest Feat Nviiri
  14. Nitume feat Phyllis Mbuthia
  15. Hutaniacha feat Wanavokali
  16. Ray chapter 1
  17. Hold on feat Zamunda

2. Jua Cali – Utu Uzima

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This is Jua Cali’s 5th studio album and its without a doubt that Jua Cali is a true living legend of the Kenyan music, especially Kenyan hip hop. His style of music has always been  unique (still is unique) and after being in the industry for over 20 years, listening to him still feels like listening to a brand new Jua Cali. “Utu Uzima” is a blend of the typical lyrical flowing Jua Cali and the all round Jua Cali who can spit bars on any beat. The features on the project are incredible, he was able to bring in the new age artists and they really delivered on their featured songs. The production of the project is on another level as the beats are melodious accompanied by well structured bars. As a fan of Jua Cali from way back, in “Utu Uzima” he is still the rap genius , and if u are a new Jua Cali fan then you are up for a treat. “Utu Uzima” is one album to listen to in 2023.

Track list

  1. Wajakoya
  2. Mambo Shwari
  3. Cheza Kiwewe feat BussaJ, Mbithi
  4. Habibi
  5. Nipe Mkono feat Tee Hits
  6. Hio Feeling
  7. Paradise feat Kelechi
  8. Nachoma
  9. Vunja Kiuno
  10. Tarantela
  11. Malkia feat Madini
  12. Mdogo Mdogo
  13. Amka
  14. Vile Iko feat Crystal Asige
  15. Sumbua
  16. Nachoma Extended (bonus)

3. Sudough Doss – Seek

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Sudough Doss is a hip hop artist hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. He is signed to renowned hip hop label ZozaNation which was founded by Scar Mkadinali and now its under Wakadinali ( Scar, Domani Munga, Sewer Sydaa). “Seek” is Sudough Doss debut album which is  an explosive 11-track project. The features on the project are major and the style is pure hip hop, lyrics are deep based on the eventualities of ghetto life experiences and the sheng style of rapping is just an icing on the cake. Without any doubt Sudough Doss is one to look up for in 2023 because “Seek” the album just gave us the tip of the ice berg that he has for us in store for the next phase of his career.

Track list

  1. Paper Chaser
  2. Si Kupenda Kwetu feat Kitu Sewer and Sewer Sydaa Mkadinali
  3. Kalenda feat Skillo
  4. Message
  5. No Cap
  6. Karibu Eastside
  7. Rock with Me
  8. Juu ya Nini feat Domani
  9. Rende ni Rong feat Scar Mkadinali and Sewer Sydaa Mkadinali
  10. 10 over over 10
  11. Get It

4. Ouma Wa Mafegi – Villain Year

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Born Adongo Ouma, Ouma wa Mafegi is a rapper and a songwriter (recording and performing artist) based in Kilimani, Nairobi Kenya. He started of as a member of ChiefGeng and as a duo they released several projects before Ouma wa Mafegi decided to take on the journey as a solo artist. Following his journey after his separation from the group, he has gone on to release several solo projects and “Villain year” is his latest project (album). The Album has 10 massive tracks with heavy features and the production is a true reflection on how far Ouma has come and it gives a glimpse of what we expect from him in the future (good music). Ouma wa Mafegi is one to look for in 2023.

Track list

  1. What are we (intro)
  2. Losing her taste
  3. Ya diiig
  4. Confetti feat Albeezy, PRXNCE
  5. Ati who
  6. Too much
  7. Prrrt
  8. No luck
  9. Ski
  10. Foreal


5. Rudra Kartel – Ghetto Kartel 1

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Rudra Kartel  aka ‘The Ghetto Kartel’ is a dancehall sensation artist from Kenya. Rudra became famous when a video clip of him singing like Vybz Kartel went viral in 2019. His style (dancehall) makes him unique and stand out. Since his breakthrough it’s safe to say that it was not all about luck but Rudra Kartel is a real dancehall talent not only in Kenya but Africa and the world at large. The Ghetto Kartel has gone on to release numerous singles and collaborations on the build up to his much anticipated debut album “Ghetto Kartel 1”. The album was released on 12 February 2023 and it revolutionized dancehall and rap scenes in Kenya. For the lovers of dancehall music blended with rap Rudra Kartel is worth listening to so is the album “Ghetto Kartel 1”.

Track list

  1. Baby mother
  2. Bang Bang
  3. Crack
  4. Diss Masanse
  5. Enemy feat Trio Mio
  6. Enjoy Yourself feat Benzema
  7. Iron Nose
  8. It look like
  9. Naughty love feat Noti Flow
  10. Master feat Smady Tings


6. Skillo – The Rong Don

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Skillo is a hip hop artist from Kenya. He is  a member of a renowned hip hop label in Nairobi called ZozaNation which was founded by Scar Mkadinali and now its under Wakadinali ( Scar, Domani Munga, Sewer Sydaa). Skillo has been in the hip hop scene in Kenya for a while but many got to know of him when he was featured in Wakadinali’ s “Ndani ya Cockpit” album on the track Rong Reggae. The conversation was in the air on when we will hear more from Skillo. “The Rong Don” is Skillo’ s debut album under ZozaNation. The 11 track  project is a true reflection of raw hip hop and the realness of life. The project reflects and relates with the life in the ghettos of Nairobi (especially the Eastside). Skillo is really skilled and his bars, rhymes and lyrics are evident enough that he is the game changer. For all fans of old-school real hip hop and rap music Skillo is worthy your time in 2023.

                                                        Track list

  1. Mtembezi feat Domani Munga, Riddiq
  2. 420247365 feat Scar Mkadinali
  3. Kawaida
  4. Still I
  5. Steady feat Sudough Doss, Domani Munga, Samaal
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Kesi Baadae feat sewersydaa
  8. Vita feat Sewer Sydaa
  9. Mazoea
  10. Gicha feat Skanka
  11. Mandem feat Scar Mkadinali


7. Mr. Makes – Wayward Son

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Mr. Makes is a recording artist, actor, songwriter and a director from Kenya. He is under Geemakes records movement that focuses solemnly on bringing to their fans fresh and good music. Mr. Makes brings back the laid back, slow hip hop and Rnb sound and he executes it very well. His lyrics, rhymes and deliveries are on point such that any work he touches is worth listening to more than one time. “Wayward  Son” is a 12 track album produced under Geemakes Records, written and performed by Mr. Makes, mixed and mastered by wildcard. The project takes you through a journey of different life experiences, moods and feelings. In 2023, Mr. Makes is worth giving your time.

Track list

  1. Wayward son Intro
  2. Menace feat Lil Gee
  3. Sauce in it feat Rennur & wildcard
  4. Makes Sense feat Yung Tyunne
  5. Nimetii feat Shiku B
  6. Swali feat Gatesprint
  7. Leave you Behind
  8. Take the Rage feat Wildcard
  9. Vibes so high feat Babino , Rennur
  10. Its About Time feat feat Wild card
  11. I became feat wildcard
  12. Serenity feat Pernicus Sullen & Yung Tyunne

8. Davaji – Feels

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Davaji is a rapper/driller from Kenya. His style of slow rap with a blend of Rnb touch using sheng and Swahili languages makes Davaji good in what he does (making good music). If asked about top drill artists in Kenya or Africa, Davaji is worth a mention. “Feels” is Davaji’s second album after “All In” which was released in 2022. “Feels” shows more growth for Davaji as an artist in terms of his music structure, message and his lyrical prowess on different tempo of drill beats. The album released in February 21 2023 has 9 tracks and has no features. Davaji is worth your time if you are a hip hop fan especially the drill sub genre.

Track list

  1. Kenyan ting
  2. On my mind
  3. Feels
  4. Drunk Text
  5. Heaven
  6. Peter pan
  7. Late Night
  8. Constant Love
  9. Kingdom come


9. Meryl Paige – Dedicated

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Meryl Paige is a powerful Kenyan Rnb & Soul singer, songwriter, vocalist and producer. Being in the live music for over 10 years now, she displays a wide range of vocals effortlessly through her music and lyrical prowess that pours out her expressions and reflections on things we encounter in our day to day lives. Her ability to blend Afro soul R&B, soul, neo-soul and slow reggae, makes her exceptional and her vocal range with heartfelt writing skills are just additions to support just how good she is. Her latest album “Dedicated” is a clear evidence of her ability to use music as a form of therapy, expressing herself freely and authentically through each of her songs in the album. The main aim of the project is a dedication to all her listeners to help them be motivated and be inspired. In 2023 Meryl Paige is worth listening to over and over as you get ready for what she got in stock for her fans.

Track list

  1. The City feat Colossal Music, Frankie Maston
  2. Fine Boy feat Colossal Music
  3. Everyday feat Colossal Music
  4. My Love Awaits feat Colossal Music
  5. Song of G feat Colossal Music
  6. My Blessing feat Colossal Music
  7. Kijana wa Mtaa feat Colossal Music
  8. My sol provider feat Colossal Music


10. Syllent Killah – Driller

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Syllent Killer is a rapper from Nairobi Kenya. He is a true representation of passion, talent and love for music all in one. He is not afraid on expressing his feelings through well structured bars, rhymes, hooks and beats. His fanbase has grown over time since he never disappoints and any of his releases give you an urge of wanting to listen to him more. Driller is his latest project which is a 10 tracks album. His rawness is evident as his style is lyrical deep and for sure it makes you to press repeat every song of the album as you will feel like there is something you have missed. This is a clear genesis of a great year for Syllent Killah and he is worth keeping an eye on.

Track list

  1. Bag
  2. Dobie Biz
  3. Mbleina
  4. Ngori Ngori
  5. Mi huaga mbaya
  6. Kwa bando
  7. Niggas mad
  8. Dem nah KNO
  9. Wacha wabonge
  10. Pull up
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