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The Rise and music journey of James Muhia famously a.k.a Moji ShortBabaa


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James Muhia famously known as Moji Shortbabaa is a renowned Kenyan urban gospel artist who was born in Nairobi. Being raised in a humble background, Moji Shortbabaa time to time has pin pointed his early experiences that are a testimony which formed a solid foundation of his level of success.

His unique style of pop, comedy, dance and relatable rhyming has enabled him to be a very successful and well respected figure in the urban gospel scene, influencing the modern generation of urban gospel industry not only in Kenya but Africa and the world at large.

Moji Shortbabaa insertion into music was as part a group Kelele Takatifu – which was founded in 2007) with his school mate and friend Silvanus Otieno a.k.a Didiman, the duo went to be one of the most successful gospel groups not only in Kenya but Africa and the world at large. Most of the memorable hits by the duo included Ngori, Bamba Mbaya, Aina Noma and many more.

As part of Kelele Takatifu Moji Shortbabaa kickstarted his music career as they recorded their first single in 2007 “Kwa Mtaa “which didn’t reach their expectation, they tried again with their second single “Nisake” which also didn’t achieve expected success. From 2007 to 2009 they took a break to concentrate on education and finish school which after, they embarked on their musical dream.

Together they released a 13-track album titled Ndoto Za Kupaa in 2016.


Stream it live on:

YouTube Ndoto za Kupaa

Boomplay Ndoto za Kupaa

Track List

  1. Kawangware
  2. Ni Msoh ft Holy Dave
  3. Tuko sawa
  4. Nimezaliwa tena
  5. Pokea Simu
  6. Kama Wimbo
  7. Bonga Bonga
  8. Sweety
  9. Mavuno
  10. Kelele Takatifu

Other mentions of Moji Shortbabaa as part of Kelele Takatifu include.

  1. Bamba Mbaya
  2. Achana na Mimi
  3. Twisti ya Sisi
  4. Aina Noma
  5. Ngori
  6. Mavuno
  7. Didimia
  8. Back Again, pastor Rymes Ft Kelele Takatifu

At the tail end of 2016, Moji Shortbabaa and Didiman agreed that they were now keen on growing individually as artists and that marked the end of Kelele Takatifu.

Since then, Moji went on to release heavy hits including Kuzitoka, Wacha Story, Wacha Wacheki, just to mention a few. Moji has also been a present contributor in the gospel industry through musical and lyrical prowess involved in writing different successful projects like “Chini Ya Mwamba” and “ Nimekubali” both by Masterpiece and a renown hit “Kumbe Kumbe” By Mr Seed and Bahati.

As one of the biggest urban Gospel artist of this generation, Moji has managed to communicate his Christ centered, nonjudgmental and entertaining messages. One identity that you can’t take away from Moji is, his message, easy to consume and understand, entertaining, engaging and mostly appealing to the urban audience targeted at Kenyan, Africans and the world by extension, young and Mature adults.

In 2019 after just three years after split with Didiman, Moji released a  compilations Album titled YESU MTAANI as his first solo major project.


Track List

  1. Sitadanganya ft Daddy owen
  2. Dance ya kanisa
  3. Yesu Mtaani
  4. Pekee Yangu
  5. Unabore
  6. Fiti sana ft Desito
  7. Kuzitoka
  8. Shuka Usitumane
  9. Wacha Story
  10. Imani
  11. Mitumba
  12. Wacha wacheki
  13. Choma Picha
  14. Banange ft Levixone
  15. Nyama Choma
  16. Hajawai niangusha ft Guardian Angel and DK Kwenye Beat

In May 2021, he followed up by releasing a 6 track EP


Boomplay Cheza Gospel

YouTube Cheza Gospel

Track List

  1. Cheza Gospel
  2. Kameshika
  3. Mo fay Ft Collo
  4. Tosha
  5. Don’t worry
  6. Hustle

During his solo career Moji has been part of heavy singles that shook the gospel scene not only in Kenya but the word at large.

  1. Utukuke ft Eunice Njeri
  2. Kigooco ft Elijah John
  3. Unanicheki
  4. Highly favoured
  5. Kameshika featuring Timeless Noel
  6. Roho Mbaya
  7. Niwee featuring Timam
  8. Banjuka featuring Benachi, subiri Jay, Tweletu, Abu, Pinto
  9. One day
  10. Shortbabaarz Ep 1 Keep Hope Alive
  11. Mazuri ft Guardian Angel
  12. Kameumana
  13. Amini
  14. Mungu wa Musa
  15. Wacha Kunicheki
  16. Mtoto ft David Wonder
  17. Vimbanda





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