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Reconnect with History – April 23

Born On This Day


The year was 1977, John Felix Anthony Cena known professionally as John Cena, the American professional wrestler, rapper and actor was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He turns 45 today.

History Happenings

23 Apr 2019

Edward Christopher Sheeran MBE, known professionally as Ed Sheeran is forced to tear down and outdoor sauna and a pub sign at his Suffolk mansion, after he failed to get planning permission. Ed had named the home pub ‘The Lancaster Lock’ after his wife Cherry Lancaster Seaborn – the officers were not happy during a site visit.

23 Apr 2016

“Lemonade” the 6th studio album of BeyoncĂ© -American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress – was released  through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records accompanied by a 65-minute film of the same title on HBO.

23 Apr 1988

“Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by Whitney Houston smashed a chart record that was previously  held by The Beatles and The Bee Gees when it became her seventh consecutive US number 1 song and a number 14 hit in the UK.

23 Apr 1988

“Alphabet St”  a song by Prince is released. It was the first single from “Love Sexy” album and the album’s only top 10 single, reaching the top 10 in both the UK and US.

23 Apr 1969

“Get Back”, by The Beatles with Billy Preston was at number 1 on the UK singles chart making it their 16th song. The song was a special song because it was the only song that The Beatles credited another artist – Billy Preston- and the first single to released in true stereo in the US.
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