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Reconnect with History – April 22

Born On This Day

Colson Barker known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), was born on 22 April, 1990 in Houston Texas. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter and actor.

History Happenings


 1. 22 Apr 1978

After assassination attempt in Jamaica, a year and a half earlier – that left him wounded -, Bob Marley and the wailers band preformed in Jamaica during the “One Love” peace concert marking Bob’s first appearance in Jamaica after the incident.

2. 22 Apr 1985

“Around The World In A Day” album by Prince is released under his Paisley Park Imprint and it was primarily recorded at his Paisley Studios. This was his seventh studio album and a follow up to his “Purple Rain” album.

3. 22 Apr 1989

“Like A Prayer” by Madonna begins its reign at number 1 on the US singles chart making it the seventh single from her to be number 1 on the US singles chart, also the single achieved number 1 in the UK singles chart.

4. 22 Apr 2000

After the death of Eazy-E and the departure of Dj Yella, N.W.A reunites for the first time and their single “Chin Check” debuts at number 71 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Songs Chart. This project was the first with Ice Cube since his departure in 1989.

5. 22 Apr 2001

“Survivor” by Destiny Child went to number 1 on the UK singles chart. This was their second song to achieve the milestone and Destiny Child became the first American (US) female band to have more than one UK number 1 song. The song went on to win  a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Group.

6. 22 Apr 2007

“Beautiful Liar” by Beyoncé and Shakira was at number 1 on the UK singles chart. The same year (2007) the track went on to win Most Earth- Shattering Collaboration award at the MTV music awards and Best – Selling British Son during Ivor Novella Award.
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