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“My music is like an escape to many, myself included” – Racky



Racky is a Kenyan hip hop and Rap artist who has been doing music for the past five years. His unique style of blending Hip hop and afro, has enabled him to become a household name within the Kenyan music industry stretching to Africa and the world at large. This is evident through the number of streams and views his music has been getting across all streaming platforms.

Growing up, music to Racky was a way of expressing himself and his environments as most of his songs are as a result of true stories and events. His music is like an escape to many, himself included having learnt everything about his art all on his own as an independent artist. Challenges has been part of his career so far but,  these challenges have enabled him to evolve his style.

His musical influence ranges from Rod Wave and Polo G, to Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel and Nyashinski. During a recent interview , Racky spoke about founding his style to mark new beginnings and to tap into a whole new different fanbase in the world.

In 2017, Racky released his first single “Jungle Boy”, followed by “love Me” in 2018, “French Kiss” in 2019, “Gone “and “Feel It” in 2020. This created enough announcement of Racky as an artist in the music scene and paved way for major projects in terms of albums, Eps and performances as the singles propelled him to the top.

In 2020, it was time now for Racky‘s first major project and he went on to release his debut project “In my Zone”, which was an 8 track EP. The achievement of the EP prompted Racky to follow up with his debut album September July in 2021 which was a big release as the album has garnered over 200k streams.

After the success of “September July” the album, Racky followed up with the release of “Pretty Girls Love Racky” the EP in 2022.


Singles (click on the song for to watch and listen - YouTube)
  1. Jungle Boy 2017 – Single
  2. Love Me 2018 – Single
  3. French Kiss 2019 – Single
  4. Feel it 2020 – Single
  5. For Her 2021 – Single
  6. Need Somebody 2022 – Single
  7. Streets 2022- Single
  8. Call Me feat Marion 2022 – Single
  9. Lord Have Mercy 2022 – Single
  10. What you think feat Marion 2022 – Single
  11. Love is Blind 2022 – Single
  12. Heart Hunger 2022 – single
  13. Again 2022 – Single
  14. Like that Feat Marion 2022 – Single


Racky has 1 album and 2 Eps under his belt.

1. In My Zone 

(Click here to stream on Spotify)

This was his debut Ep, released in 2020 and it had 8 tracks

  1. Long way (Intro)
  2. Every Morning
  3. Feel It
  4. For Her
  5. Streets
  6. What did i do
  7. Remember (interlude)
  8. A minute

2. September July

(Click here to stream on Spotify)

This was Racky’s debut album and it was released in 2021. The album had 14 tracks.

  1. Lessons
  2. Paradise feat Hobeza
  3. Paradise
  4. Lord Have Mercy
  5. Brocode
  6. Sacrifices
  7. As friends
  8. Toxic
  9. What You Think feat Marion
  10. Bestie
  11. Call Me ft Marion
  12. Blood and Water feat Soup N Salad
  13. Situationship feat Tumaini
  14. Another Man Down

3. Pretty Girls Love Racky

(Click here to stream on Spotify)

On June 17th 2022, Racky released a five track Ep to follow up on the success of his second album.

  1. Friends Dont Look at Friends That Way
  2. Nairobi Dreaming
  3. Again
  4. Esther/Ella
  5. Heart Hunger feat TrishaGrey


Racky is the next pioneer of the Kenyan Music and now under Lensly Music Group he is a star to keep an eye on.




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