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Music is my life and blessings, hip hop is a culture – Gata Gata



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Gata Gata is a big name, its a brand on its on not only in music but across arts industry at large. Born Agatha Janet Francis in a family of 4, Gata Gata is a hip hop artist, processional chef, a mother, a novelist and a pencil artist. Her love for music started as a young girl. As far as she can remember, her mother played a big role in her love for music for she was part of the church choir. Gata Gata enjoyed singing and the appetite for music grew over and over.

In primary school, Gata Gata started writing music as away of expressing herself and whats happening around her. During an interview with Mista Billy of Tonzi radio, Gata Gata said by the time she was leaving high school she had five note books filled with songs.

When it came to high school – Senior Jeff Koinange – Gata Gata realized that she can rap and gradually rapping overcame the singing side of her music. Gata Gata pin points music as her life, music as a blessing and hip hop music as a culture. Her music influences are from the oldies generation 2pac, Lil Kim, Eve and many more.

Gata Gata joining praise and worship team at an early age gave her that exposure to different songs and structures of songs and that played a vital part in the way she is doing her music. In addition, her pen game is heavily driven by the fact that she loves the messages that songs are able to pass along.


In 2022 Gata Gata made her first debut in commercial side of music as part of a collaboration with Ghost Austino. This came to be after Gata Gata was discovered by SaintOK through a series of Instagram videos which Gata Gata was posting on her page while rapping. The name of the song was called “Kama Naitaka” which was a club banger and a success to both Ghost Austino and Gata herself.

She followed up by releasing her second single called Party Tonight which was meant to be a freestyle but after the recording session Gata Gata and the whole Ektomist team decided to have it as a song. This was now an official introduction of Gata Gata as a single artist.

Always Bite was her third song and the song just elevated Gata Gata to a whole new level and to many this was a big foundation for Gata Gata on the building of being the best female rapper.

Living Legend was Gata Gata‘s fourth release and till now its pulling massive numbers on different streaming platforms.

Gata Gata is now a member of Ektomist Inc ¬†and as a group they released their first single which features her, Githinji and Ghost Austino name of the song is “Weather Men”.

n 2023 Gata Gata promises to go big in terms of her music and she promises a new album is on the way entitled A Woman is God and it will be a story of her motherhood, new singles and videos also are part of what is store.

Facts about Gata Gata

  1. She speaks French fluently and she studied it as a subject in high school and college.
  2. Her song Living Legend she wrote it during class session in Zetech University.
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