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Music is the way i connect with people – the journey of MISTA REE


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Early days.

Born Paul Wekesa , known to his fans as Mista Ree , is a rapper, singer, hip hop producer and sound engineer owning and managing SkizaBeats based in Nairobi Kenya. He started rapping at the age of 12 and sine then music has been a part of life. Growing up, Mista Ree was very interested in the art of making music, music presentation and production, the art of piano and singing.

His production and music is being inspired by the fact that he wants to bless people who listens to his art and share good energy as he believes that music is an asset that can be used to transfer energy to way many places in the world.

His pen game is one of the most unique style in the Kenyan hip hop industry and during an interview with Mista Billy of Tonzi Radio, Mista Ree pin pointed that his writing is propelled by poetry side of music and his mother being a poem writer plays a big role in his journey so far.

In Primary School – where after 8 years he graduated with Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) – he got exposed to music from hip hop legends like 50 Cents, Eminem, Ukoo flani and many more.

Mista Ree joined Nairobi School secondary and just two weeks in his new high school life, he went for auditions to perform in an upcoming journalism club. During his turn, Mista Ree turned a simple auditions to a performance attracting the attention of students and judges, making him the schools rap star.

His interest developed further as he switched from technical class – from art and design to music studies – under the guidance of Mr. Moses Watatua making him now understand the structure of music and taking advantage of the advanced programs and facilities to learn music production. While in high school he decided to do music fully as part of his extra curriculum activities and he would continue rapping during talent shows and other music festival activities in and out of school.

It was during this – his stardom in secondary school – that Mista Ree met Blu Lace 16 and Mike MG. As trio they started hanging out together, writing songs and performing under the name Chozen Gang. Later on B3nnar joined them as a promoter and the business manager in charge of selling merchandize and other promotion materials. Spree and Yang AP got interested after seeing the efforts and the dream of Chozen gang and later joined  them.

In college Mista Ree met Barrack Ohumar who also had the same dream and vision of making it in the rap game and as an executive producer too. Together – 7 members now – formed Deep State Mob (DSM) and Mista Ree is pin pointed as the founder or the visionary behind the movement.


As a producer, Mista Ree mainly produces hip-hop/rap genre of music but also flexible to all other music genres. He works not only with Deep State Mob members but also other music acts across Kenya, Africa and the world at large. Over the years, Mista Ree has been able to perform in different major events and appeared in shows of both mainstream and alternate media.

As an artist, in 2019 Mista Ree announced his presence in the music world by releasing his first major project – after being part of deep state mob member’s projects – Nonstop To Top Spot which was a 7  track album.

Track List

  1. Never tire
  2. Killer Flow ft Oldskul
  3. Trap Nigga
  4. Let Them Know
  5. Give It To Me ft Mike MG
  6. Far ft Blu Lace 16
  7. Do The Necessary

Nonstop to the top was a good introduction as it broke records and announced the emergency of hip hop legend in the making.

In 2020, Mista Ree followed up with another album called REE-LIGION which had 8 tracks.

Track List

  1. Chain
  2. Current Situation
  3. Remember
  4. No offence – Remastered
  5. Gerreet (Get It)
  6. Story
  7. It’s Ree-tten
  8. Reewind

Now with two projects under his belt, Mista Ree’s successs was inevitable as he followed up in 2021 with two Eps.

  1. SKIZA (LISTEN) 4 songs EP

2. SKIZA (EXTRA) – 4 songs EP

In 2022, Mista Ree released must anticipated full album called CANT PUSH ME BACK NO MORE which had 16 tracks.

Track list

  1. Stars
  2. No Voice
  3. Uuui:Scream
  4. Hype ft YangAP
  5. Salty
  6. Mosh Pit ft AmBarrack, YangAP, Mike MG, Blu Lace 16, Spree, B3nnar
  7. Admit ft Ambarrack Music
  8. Ka’ Ni Kazi ft B3nnar
  9. Mulla ft Ambarrack Music
  10. Clique ft Spree, Ambarrack Music
  11. Good Life ft Keit Soita
  12. Fine Ft Ambarrack Music
  13. Made Sumn//Know me
  14. Badge
  15. Binary ft Spree
  16. Long Live ft Ambarrack Music

After the success of the album, Mista Ree ended 2022, by releasing an EP called moOooVe (MOVE) which had 5 songs.

  1. stREEts
  2. POlitE
  3. 5’2 Bila SHORTage
  4. sECURItY
  5. 9th Floor


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