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Kenyan Female Rappers you should listen to – Part 2

1. Kuky

Born Salima Muigai, Kuky – her stage name- is a Kenyan rapper, singer, songwriter, journalist, model and an entrepreneur from Nairobi. Growing up in a family of boys – siblings, music was at her disposal and Michael Jackson was the closest import she had (introduced to by her older brother). She fell in love with hip hop after seeing rappers like Eve, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Nicki do it. The interest grew and thats how she got into music and she would write lyrics and rap after her favorite rapper’s songs. In 2017 she kickstarted her professional career and since then she has never backed down despite the many challenges that female rappers experience hence her slogan lyrical prowess is not a boy’s club no more.

2. Shazzy B

Born Damaris Yilva in 1998 October, Shazzy B is a musician, songwriter, singer and rapper from Nairobi Kenya. Her music journey began in 2018 as part of Ngonglywood. In 2019 she began her solo career she released her first solo single called “Usichoke”. Ever since then, Shazzy B has not looked back despite challenges, trials and musical journey tribulations. Her ability to rap about real life happenings and the fact that she is no trying to hide behind her sounding sexy makes her stand out. As a hip hop fan especially the Kenyan hip hop scene Shazzy is highly rated and she is worthy your time.

3. Gata Gata

Born Agatha Janet Francis in a family of 4, Gata Gat is a hip hop artist, processional chef, a mother, a novelist and a pencil artist. Her love for music started as a young girl. As far as she can remember, her mother played a big role in her love for music for she was part of the church choir. Gata Gata enjoyed singing and the appetite for music grew over and over. In 2022, she made her debut as part of a collaboration with Ghost Austino- “Kama Naitaka” – and since she has never looked back. Gata is worth listening to in 2023.


4. Alma Ras

Alma Ras is a multi-genre artist – capable of working on multiple genres of music -, singer and songwriter from Nairobi Kenya. Her talent and style is a true identity of talent not only in Kenya but the world at large. Inspired by real life experiences, her raw emotion filled vocals over well structed instrumentals and production process is the icing on the cake. Already a global star, Alma uses her lyrism and well themed music to inspire today’s generation whether as her fan or not. From hip-hop to genge to Afropop, Alma is an artist to watch as she is set to cement herself in the music industry for years to come.

5. Spicy Meg

Spicy Meg is a contemporary rapper, singer, songwriter, journalist and actor from Nairobi Kenya. Her music inspirations is drawn from local, African and international well renowned artists stemming from music and film entertainment fronts. Spicy is a definition of talent, passion, love and beauty all in one being. Her lyrical prowess is unmatched and the energy is one of a kind. Her ability to maneuver over different beats makes her the best in what she does. Spicy Meg is worth your ear if your into hip hop sub genres diversification which is a pillar of any hip hop fan.

6. Tabbie

Born Margaret Tabitha Manyasa -known professionally as Tabbie f0rlife- in Maseno town on the outskirts of Kisumu, she is a Kenyan multi-genre rapper, singer and songwriter. Pin pointing her love for music at an early age – thanks to her mother-, at the age of 18 is when she discovered she can do music on her own as a career. Her versatility is something unseen before because she possesses skills for both rap and Afro-music. She herself describes her music as unique, authentic, beautiful, raw and about the vibes. If such doesn’t attract you to her then I dont know what will. Her main source of creativity and uniqueness is her love for the craft that makes all her projects honest and relatable from her personal experiences. Since her debut Tabbie hasn’t looked back and it has been nothing but hits and good music from her.

7. Nem R

She is the definition of hardcore, passion, realness and versatility. Nem R is a soulful singer, rapper and songwriter from Nairobi Kenya. Her love for music started way back as a young child and in high school the love grew to an extend of her being part of 7 choirs. If this isn’t love and passion for music then I dont know what will define it. Nem R draws her inspiration from her ghetto life experiences and she uses her vocals, lyrism and style to create refreshing melodies and flows. Her ability to be soulful melodious during singing and her being hardcore when it comes to rapping just gives you enough reasons to give her your ear.

8. Snaida Don Dada

Born Mutswenje Snaidah Tsiavoka known professionally as Snaida Don Dada she is an artist, musician, rapper, singer and songwriter from Mwiki Nairobi, Kenya. Her love for rap music is evident as her energy and lyrics are catchy, thought provoking and they are based on real life experiences. In 2020, Snaidah kick started her career by doing freestyles on social media and slowly she started attracting hip hop fans especially rap lovers. From a non musical background, Snaida has broke many handles and overcame many challenges to make and cement her name as one of the best in the game. She drives her lyrics from deep down her heart and the experiences she has been through which comes in handy in respect to her pen game.

9. Cash Illegal

Her nickname – Kenyan Bully – is just a glimpse of how musically talented she is. Call her the queen of layback rap, queen of lyrics, queen of rhythm, queen of word play, just to mention a few. Cash Illegal is a rapper and songwriter from Nairobi Kenya and to many she is considered as a revolutionizer when it comes to rap in in Kenya, Africa and the world. Listening to her just gives you the appetite to listen more and ever bar, rhyme or lyric gets you thinking and anticipating her next move. Cash Illegal is a legend in the making and she is worth your time.

10. Shiku B

In 2020 Shiku B broke into the Kenyan hip hop scene and immediately she caught attention of the rap industry. She is a rapper, actress and host from Nairobi Kenya. Her rawness and ability to lay her lyrics hitting straight to the point was the aspect most rappers were missing. “Deals” was her first official audio after several social media freestyles. In deed that was the beginning of nonstop singles, collaborations and features. For those who love deep lyrics, and thought provoking bars, Shiku B should be on your top list of rappers from Kenya that you listen to.

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