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Early Life.

Glad Muchai is a gospel musician and a minister of the word of God. Being the second born in a family of five – two siblings and both parents – she was born in Rongai subcounty in Nakuru county on the 28th of March. In 2007,  her family relocated to Gilgil subcounty still in Nakuru county where she was raised. Her personality – to many who have interacted with her – reflects for a fact that she is a collective, directional, hardworking, and humbled individual. During an interview with Mista Billy of Tonzi Radio, she attributed her nature to the hand of God and His guidance.

Growing up music was part of how Glad would express her feelings and state of mind. In 2003, she joined Gogar Primary School for classes 1, 2 and 3. She later was  transferred to Kekopey primary school for classes 4, 5 and 6. Glad Muchai completed her primary education at Murindu Primary school where she attended classes 7 and 8. She attained her Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE) that earned her an admission to Kekopey Secondary School where she completed her secondary education attaining her Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE).

Her love for music grew day by day as she was listening to gospel music pioneers of that time Eunice Njeri and Deborah Lukalu. Friends, family and the church played a very important role in her earlier journey as they would encourage her that she has a good singing voice which led her to joining the church praise and worship team.

In 2018, she joined Gospel Garden Bible College and her love for music continued to grow. She joined a band called the Cohathite band under the leadership of Benjamin Zimbi. With the band Glad was able to tour different parts of the country to minister through music and in the process the passion grew even bigger making her to be now a full-time gospel music minister.

Theology school.

During the writing of her songs Glad was connected deeper to the word of God and in return she developed an appetite of not just writing her music as inspired by the word of God, but to also understand what the word is all about. Glad Muchai went on to Join Gospel Garden Bible College where she graduated in 2021 as a youth pastor after 3 years of study.


In form three, Glad Muchai wrote and recorded her very first song “Ni wewe tu” produced by Dede records under Xperience Media Kenya announcing her entrance into the gospel music industry. The song was inspired with the fact that God will never change, and He will always be there for you no matter the situation. The song was a success and for a debut song, it broke boundaries that she even didn’t expect. Till to date Glad attributes the success of her journey in gospel music to her brother who has been the biggest supporter of her work.

Her songs are inspired by the word of God, citing example of her second song “Uonwe” where when John the Baptist saw Jesus Christ, he said may He increase and may I decrease which is a prayer that may Jesus increase His presence in believers day to day life and may they decrease the thought that everything they have is by their power. “Nakuita”, was her third song which was written by Nana of Hewane Records, the song is cry out for God’s mercies which surpasses all human help and understanding.

In 2019, Glad Muchai was signed to Hewane Records which has played a pivotal role in terms of exposure, growth and the aspect of team work which has helped her grow. Glad Muchai went on to release “Ni mmi Nani”, “Nibaki Nawe” and “Namjua” as a preparation for her upcoming EP.

  1. Ni wewe tu – 2017

My first Swahili praise song.

Audio: Dede records

Video: Xperience Media

  1. Uonwe – 2018

Hewane Record Label

Audio: Nana Watchez (Hewane Records)

Written by Zack Art & Glad.

Performed by Glad Muchai

Video: Director Lerinto (Hewane Media)

  1. Nakuita – 2020

Hewane Record Label

Sometimes we go through a lot that make us forget that Christ paid for our pain and sins on the cross, and that he cares for us no matter the circumstance. Jesus wants us to come as we are…let’s go as we are…

Song Writer: Nana Break It Down (Nana Music)

Audio: Hewane Records

Video: Director Alfie (Hewane Media)

  1. Mimi Ni Nani – 2022

MIMI NI NANI is a song expressing how privileged we are that God, all powerful and self efficient would chose mere men and make them vessels of honor.

Video: Cream Vision

Audio: Yo Alex

  1. Nibaki nawe – 2022

Video: Director Alfie

Audio: Hewane Records

  1. Namjua – 2022

Christ Jesus was not ashamed of our filth, and sinless He gave Himself for our sins. Paul boldly declares that he is not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Neither am I ashamed of Him who acknowledged me before the Father, I know Him! NAMJUA!

Audio: Produced by Steve

Video: Directed by Brayan Chosen

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  1. Your works inspire and uplift mine and I’m 100% sure many other souls all around.
    I especially love “ninamjua”. Its a very personal heart to heart communication with God. Powerful piece ✨
    The Lord grace you to keep blessing His people’s hearts and preaching the word.
    👍Kudos @Glad Muchai

  2. Your works inspire and uplift mine and I’m 100% sure many other souls all around.
    I especially love “ninamjua”. Its a very personal heart to heart communication with God. Powerful piece ✨
    The Lord grace you to keep blessing His people’s hearts and preaching the word.
    God bless you
    👍Kudos @Glad Muchai


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